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11 Makeup Kits Every Woman Should Have For A Perfect FaceBeat



The art of makeup is getting more recognition than ever before. In recent times, Nigerian woman have joined their counterparts around the world to slay in this ‘game.’ If you are a beginner in the art of makeup or want to perfect your already acquired skills, then these 11 makeup kits every woman should have will help you a great deal.

1. Brown pencil

They are used for the brows. Don’t use black or wine pencils. Use the brown pencil or get a brow filler. I call it the magical pencil; it works wonders on the brows. You need to see what they to women’s faces at a Lagos wedding.

2. Face primer

The face primer keeps the oily face in check and thus becomes a necessity. Say no to a sweaty and oily face by having this on ground.

3. Lipstick and lip gloss

The lip gloss keeps your lips hydrated while serving as a foundation for application of the lipstick. Talk about having lips that are to die for – you have no idea what they do to men.

4. Brushes

The work that brushes do for you is in the area of applying beauty products on the face. Brushes are in different colors and do diverse functions.

5. Eyeshadow

Applied on the lids of the eyes, it gives glamour to your eyes. They give you shadows for days, lol.

6. Face powder

The face powder is the finisher to your looks. It blends all make ups applied on your face.

7. Blush

You apply blush lightly to your cheek bones, thus adding colour to your face. Applying too much of it, could make your face look like a doll though. So, use lightly.

8. Foundation

This is one makeup kit every woman should have. The foundation evens out your skin tones. While getting one, the key is looking for the one that matches your skin type.

9. Eye liner

Your eyeliner highlights the inner corners of your eyes and gives you that cat eye look.

10. Mascara

Your mascara adds volume, length or both to your eye lashes.

11. Concealers

Concealers help in highlighting your face, especially the light one while the one of your skin tone, hides blemishes and spots, giving you a perfect facebeat.

As you’ve seen, these are makeup kits every woman needs to highlight that beauty in her. If you don’t have all of these, your makeup may not necessarily be bad, but they sure do give you a finer look. The key is being creative and making the best of what you have.


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