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How To Maintain Your Fashion Game In The Rainy Season


Different seasons call for different fashion games. With the skies dropping tears daily, keeping up with your “dry weather” style may not be such a great idea. Imagine leaving your house all glammed up, only for you to be caught in between a heavy rain. The whole idea to slay in that newly bought dress becomes defeated; no one will know how fabulous it is when it’s drenched.  It’s time for a fashion reinforcement.

Here’s how to maintain your fashion game in the rainy season.

1. Mufflers

Mufflers can spice up your dressing.  However, you don’t want those that are in totally different direction from your outfit. Let them complement your look. When the cold comes knocking, they keep your neck all covered up, giving  you the needed warmth.

2. Rubber shoes

Contrary to what most people think, rubber shoes aren’t for the poor; they can be rocked by fashionable people in specific seasons. Have you seen the variety of designs they come in now? They are so fashionable you might be tempted to buy more pairs to keep in the house for the “rainy” day.

Instead of dipping those expensive leather shoes of yours in water as it rains, why not let rubber shoes do the work and save you some hard earned money?

3. Short outfits

You don’t want to be caught off guard; always be prepared in above-the-ankle outfits just in case it starts to rain. Check the weather forecast before leaving the house. If it doesn’t look so good, keep your clothes up. With rubber shoes, you can walk in the water if necessary without losing anything.

4. Hair dryer

Having spent so much money on your hair, you don’t want it ruined by the rain. It can rain at anytime in the rainy season, so it’s necessary to have your hair dryer by your side to keep your hair dry. Beaten by the rain? Just dry it, and keep moving. Don’t let the rain ruin your day to be fashionably fabulous.

5. Sweat shirt

The right sweat shirt could make you look as fashionable as ever as it complements your look and keeps you warm despite the cold weather. Always go out with one; it’d keep your fashion game on point and banish the cold. When next you’re dressing up, check this list and ensure you dress according to the weather for even the Holy book says, “there’s time for everything!”

Don’t lament about the season, adjust your dressing and you’d sure enjoy it! You can still be fashionable in the rainy season with a little twist here and there.

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