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How to Prevent Your Ankara from Fading

Ankara fabric has become a dominant force in Nigeria’s fashion industry. From weddings to burials, you’d see young men and women, draped in its beauty.

Ankara is treasured by many, and like them, I know you would love to still see your radiant Ankara retain its glowing colours even when you’ve worn it severally.
Don’t to worry again, as I would give you some proven ways to prevent your Ankara fabric from fading away like the morning stars.
1.  Don’t use detergent for washing it.
Washing your Ankara fabrics with detergent is a passport to its fading away. Detergents are known to have chemicals which are too harsh for Ankara. Using it to wash those beautifully-made shirts, would quickly erode your fabrics.
2. Don’t wash it often
Washing your Ankara fabric involves scrubbing which in turn decreases its beauty. You can wash your Ankara after wearing it twice so that you’d not ask “why is its original losing colour now?”
3. Apply baking soda to stained areas.
Whenever your fabric is stained, your surest bet is to apply baking soda to such areas. You shouldn’t fall into the temptation of using bleach. Bleaching the stained portion would result in fading.
4. Add salt to the washing water.
Before you wash your Ankara, adding little salt to the water is a preventive measure for fading.
5. Avoid exposure to harsh weather.
Harsh climatic conditions can easily make your Ankara fabric fade away. When your Ankara is always exposed to the blazing sun and other harsh climatic conditions, chances are that it would fade sooner than expected.
Now that you know the secrets to prevent your Ankara from fading, it’s important you apply them, and also tell your neighbors, so that when you wear it to an “owanbe”, you’d look “wow” as ever.
We’d love to hear your own tips, if you have any.


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