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Need a Freelance Writer for Your Local Business? Let’s Talk

So you need a Freelance Writer for your local business? Congratulations! You have made the right decision to take your business to its zenith. Why do I say so? The dynamics of successful business operations involve a mix of different techniques and strategies targeted at the right audience, to win their trust and enjoy their patronage. And the bedrock of all these, is effective communication – writing convincing sales pitches, proposals and articles, selling your business and services to prospective clients.
With the advent of the internet, people and businesses have been brought together in a virtual community, breaking geographical boundaries and enabling businesses to build a huge client base in their locality and beyond.
As effective as writing good sales pieces and captivating articles may be, everyone isn’t a good Writer with flawless writing skills that can attract clients in the highly competitive virtual business market. You have nothing to worry about as your local business writing needs can be taken care of by a professional Freelance Writer.
You may be the best at what you do, with fantastic products and services that meet consumers’ needs, but if these consumers are not even aware of the existence of your business, how will they patronize you? Having the best offers and services without properly presenting them to your target market, is like having a handsome young man winking at a girl in the dark – She has no idea what he looks like or what he is doing, and that’s because she is not seeing him at all. Hence, you need a Freelance Writer to let the world know about the amazing services you offer.
It takes a whole lot more than creativity to win, when it comes to writing on the World Wide Web. A fantastic Writer, who has an overdose of creativity but lacks Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills, will end up with a pile of dormant articles without traffic and clicks. Hence, you do not need just any Freelance Writer for your local business – what you need, is a Writer who can give you results! It is similar to basic arithmetic with definite formulas – What you put in, is what you get. As 1+1= 2, effective writing on the web, gives you the right traffic, result and patronage.
Over the years, I have worked with different organizations – small, big, local and international brands, seeing to their business writing needs as a Freelance Writer, and it has been a mutually rewarding adventure for both parties. I can help you attain the level of success you desire for your business, by putting down your business highlights into words, creating captivating pieces that will turn your prospective clients into long term clients; this is what I do.
Let us work together. Send me an email – info(at)chrisodogwu(dot)com, and you will be glad you did.


I’m a Prolific Freelance Writer and Public Relations Expert. Creating engaging and result-oriented pieces is my forte. I’m open to working with clients in relation to Content Marketing, Brand Management and Freelance Writing. Email: info@chrisodogwu.com .

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