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Tips on How to Rock a Suit

Suits have become a common wear, especially in official settings. From church to meetings, you’d see people wear them. You’d even see kids sparkling in it. Trust Naija people, a good suit is a must-have for everyone who knows a thing or two about fashion.

These suits come in different colours and designs. There are also a variety of labels that these suits come in. And maybe you too want to join the league of “ogas” with their suits, then stay around as I show you how to rock your suit perfectly.
1. Don’t go “tielesss”
Ties help in bringing out the beauty in your suit. When used with the perfect combination, ties put you on a different fashion level, and make you look more responsible. 
If you don’t like ties, better change your perspective, get to the market and pick from a variety of them.
2. Always use a handkerchief
Handkerchiefs on suits are fashionable as well as giving a dose of the needed confidence. They also complete your dressing and when blended with the colour of your tie, can make you stand out of the crowd.
Just go get quality handkerchiefs and see the beauty in that suit come to life.
3. Always keep it well-ironed
Nothing seems off like a rumbled clothes. When it’s suit, it’s even worse off. Spotting a well-ironed suit can signal composure, and calmness.
So, always straighten up those folded parts. If you can’t do that, consult the nearest laundry.
Suits are great and make huge fashion statements especially in official settings. 
In all, suits when worn with the right combination of accessories, can make a huge difference in your dressing. 
When next you wear that sparkling suit, get into the groove – put those ties and handkerchiefs to work. Show your swag and I assure you there wouldn’t be a disappointment or dull moments! Now, that’s how to rock a suit, the Naija way.
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