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Dating Someone with Mouth Odour? How to help them out without hurting their Feelings


Dating someone with mouth odour is no joke at all. This was the case with Lillian and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the kind of guy every girl wants. He was sweet, caring and understanding. As much as she enjoyed having him around, putting up with the foul smell that came out of his mouth, was so overwhelming, she’d rather not show up at their meet-ups, sometimes. She couldn’t talk to him about this threat to their relationship because she didn’t want to hurt but massage his Ego. She needed a way to help him out without hurting his feelings.

Tips for Dating Someone with Mouth Odour and how to help out without hurting their Feelings
• Make them comfortable around you

One of the secrets of happy couple is the ability to keep it real. Most times, couples who claim to be in love, keep up appearances – they act in certain ways that is seen as cool and classy to seek validation – This, in itself, is a sign of inferiority complex and isn’t healthy.

In a relationship where people cannot be themselves, personal and sensitive issues like mouth odour cannot be discussed as the one with the issue is likely to take offence. Encourage your partner to feel free around you by being so free around them too.

• Let them know about your own insecurities

Nobody is perfect; we all have our own issues and imperfections. If you dating someone with mouth odour and you want to help them out, you have to lay out your own imperfections, in order for them not to feel embarrassed about theirs. Bring it up during an intimate conversation and talk about it freely. Your partner will be honoured that you could trust them with your flaws.

• Have an honest communication

If you are dating someone with mouth odour and you want to help out, you can’t rule out the need for open communication. Keeping things to yourself is one of the reason why couples breakup.Ask your partner to feel free to tell you anything they have noticed about you and they feel should be worked on. Let them know that you care about their thoughts and that you wouldn’t take offence by their observations.

Assure them that you love them and do not, in anyway, want to make them feel bad. Look your boyfriend or girlfriend in the eye, and tell that they you enjoy kissing them and will like to make kissing them even more enjoyable. Tell them, in a very nice way, that you’ll like for them to have a fresher breath. Make them understand that you are bring this up out of love.
Dating someone with mouth odour and telling them about it is indeed one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. But if what you two share is true love, then you shouldn’t have a problem talking about such things because your partner will understand that you are only looking out for them. This is one of the little things required to have a successful relationship.

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