Ways To Look Good With Little Or No Money In Naija


You know what they say about looking good? Oh yes, it’s good business. A wise man was once quoted as saying “the way you are dressed, is the way you are going to be addressed.” You can take that to the bank as every single word of it is true. And that’s the reason why I have decided to share with you, these simple ways to look good with little or no money in Naija.

I know you love the complements that come with getting it right in the fashion game, but often left in limbo on how to go about it, due to your limited budget. Worry not, as I have already done the work – All you have to do, is read attentively.

Here are three simple ways to look good with little or no money in Naija:

• Always tailor or trim you clothes to fitting

I call it “slim fitting,” the truth is that, you can get the best from your clothing, when you tailor them to your shape. Since the designer or tailor that made the clothes didn’t take your measurements before sewing, it’s very possible that there are some loose ends, and the clothes may not fit properly.

All you need to do, is to go to a good tailor who would work on the clothes according to your physique. The end product, trust me, wouldn’t look like what you thought– it will come out fantastic!

• Starch and neatly iron your clothes

One way you can give yourself that expensive and classy look, is to always starch and iron your clothes. As you iron them, ensure that the “gettos” of your pants, are sharp enough to even cut a tree. Don’t mind me, I’m just being silly, but you’ve got the point, right?

Applying starch to your clothes and ironing them, is one of the simple ways to look good with little or no money in Naija because they make your clothes look brand new and expensive..

• Tuck in your shirt

Perhaps you aren’t aware of this already, tucking your clothes, gives you a measure of class. You can turn an average look into a classy or sophisticated one when you tuck your shirt in. I’m amazed at this transformation whenever I give it a shot.
Besides, letting your shirt fly, sometimes, make you look rugged, making people see you in a certain way. However, a well-tucked shirt, combined with a good belt and nice pair of shoes, definitely makes you look classier

Looking good doesn’t have to come expensive after all – These simple ways to look good with little or no money in Naija are very practical. You should also remember that a well-polished shoe and accessories like wrist watches, beads or necklaces – not necessarily the expensive ones, can help you in your quest. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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