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Items in a Naija Woman’s Handbag


Ladies, get in here! The spotlight is on you ‘guys’ today. I shall be taking a peep into your hand bags to identify items in a Naija woman’s handbag. I hope I won’t see anything I’m not supposed to see. If you have anything crazy, please rake them out before the search begins.

It’s common knowledge that anytime you see a lady, you’ll see her with a bag. These bags come in different shapes, colours and sizes as well. Some of these women’s bags are so big they are called “I-might-spend-the-night” bags.

It might interest you to know that a lady’s bag contains essential items without which she might not function optimally. If you are a lady and you are also thinking of the essential items you should have in your bag, then this would help you.

Here are 4 items you are likely to find in a Naija woman’s handbag.

1. ATM cards/Money

As a lady, you don’t want to be cash trapped. Carrying your ATM card(s) would come in handy when you run out of cash. Even if you don’t run out of cash, you may find a good deal or something “wow” on the go, and love to buy it. However, a safety measure you could adopt, owing to the incessant forced ATM withdrawals by hoodlums, it’s not advisable to carry all your ATM cards when going out.

2. Make up kits/purse

Sometimes, I wonder how women would cope if we went back to the days of no makeup. The have-it-or-die attitude towards this beauty makeover kit makes it look like makeup has been around right from the creation of the world.

Women always have their makeup kit in their handbag so they’ll reapply it when it’s facial fading away. Things like, lipstick, lips gloss, compact mirror, powder, cream/lotion, perfume, etc are highly recommended to be in your bag/make up purse.
3. Sanitary pad/Tissue

If you’re in your monthly flow, carrying a sanitary pad is not negotiable. Even if you’re not having your period, it comes handy if the circle suddenly changes. And if you’re always have catarrh, a roll of tissue paper could do. It can equally help when you want to dust off a seat, table etc.

4. Charger/Power bank

Bearing in mind the epileptic nature of power supply in the country, they take necessary measures to ensure that their phones are on and running, in order to keep up with their contacts and social media. It’s almost impossible not to see a phone charger in a woman’s bag.
A well-charged phone also helps to keep them company when they are out and bored as they could listen to their favourite songs on their playlists.

Being prepared is a good habit that most women have mastered overtime. All necessary items are just a hand-stretch away, when they are needed. These are just some of the items you could find in a Naija woman’s handbag. Sometimes, they carry crazy items that you’d never have imagined to find in there.
What did I leave out? Please let us know.

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